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XS Category Report: November - December 2017

The dedication of our Recruiters continues to astound me. I have spoken with many of you this year that have gone through some very difficult trials. Still you push on. Despite all that life throws at you, you still find time and energy to support the NRA. Thank you for all you do for the NRA. As XS Recruiters, you have recruited over 15,000 members so far this year!

I want to recognize our top six XS Recruiters: Turner’s Outdoorsman, Shoot Straight, Chucks Gun Shop, G.A.T. Guns, Suburban Sporting Goods, and Target World PA. All six of these stores have recruited more than 400 members this year. Turner’s Outdoorsman is our top Recruiter with over 9,500 members! Thank you all for your support. Please send my congratulations and thanks to your employees who work hard every day to sign up members for the NRA.

Each of our top six Recruiters share two things in common, a leader who is passionate about the NRA and employees motivated to sell NRA memberships. All of the stores mentioned above use the commissions as an incentive for their employees. They understand the win-win situation of giving their employees incentives through the commission. Doing so brings in more members to the NRA, and increases their employee’s paychecks, without a dime coming from the store.

Getting your employees to actively sell NRA memberships makes a gargantuan difference. This simple change can help you get your first 25, or even into the top 10 XS Recruiters! My goal is for all of you to reach 25 memberships each year. If there is anything I can do to help you reach 25, or sell more memberships and break into the coveted Top 10, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you again for all you do. I know sometimes it is not easy. All of us here at headquarters appreciate your hard work and devotion to supporting the NRA as we battle together to restore the Second Amendment.

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