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XS Category Report: July - August 2017

Thank you for your support as members and as recruiters. You truly are one of the strongest assets the NRA has. Bringing in new members and providing crucial feedback about how the NRA is perceived in your area goes a long way in strengthening the Second Amendment.

One of the things I hear most is “the people coming into the store are already members.” This is great news; now the goal is to have them extend their membership and reach out to those who are not members. The NRA-ILA recently released an article citing a Pew Research Center study that found 15 million people consider themselves NRA members. With this in mind, we must be proactive to ensure those who support the NRA—and believe they are members—to actually be members.

Target World of PA has found a great way to do this. They give a discount in the store and at the range to all NRA members (who show their NRA membership ID). This guarantees individuals who align themselves with the NRA are actual card carrying members. This year, they have already recruited over 200 members in the gun friendly state of Pennsylvania.

Do you have any ideas to help the 10 million people who believe they are NRA members to truly be NRA members? If so, I would love to hear it. Please keep providing feedback on how your store is doing and how recruiting is going. Every bit of information is helpful in continuing to grow the NRA. Many have benefited from feedback you have shared. Thank you for your commitment to the NRA. We truly are grateful and blessed to have so many passionate supporters.

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