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XS Category Report: May - June 2017

We have more active XS Recruiters than we did in 2014 and 2015. Our XS program continues to grow thanks to many new Recruiters coming in and current Recruiters signing up more members. Every member counts! It’s important to ask everyone who comes in your store if they are a NRA member. Just imagine how many members we would have if every Recruiter ‘Strived for 25’.

Through speaking with many of you, I know you are constantly on the lookout for various revenue streams. This same thought process can be applied to recruiting. Many stores sign up their employees, or give special discounts to NRA members. Kellner Range and Supply is a great example of a new Recruiter who reached his goal of 25 or more his first year and is on track to do the same this year. In addition to recruiting in his store, he gives away a free one year membership to everyone who takes one of his CCW classes. Be creative, think of additional recruiting opportunities besides only asking when customers are purchasing a firearm. With the range, gun counter, classes, discounts, raffles, and events, there are plenty of opportunities to combine recruiting and store sales.

Think of recruiting the same way as you do with your business and I guarantee you will increase the amount of members you bring in. As business owners, you are constantly innovating and meeting customer’s needs. The same is with recruiting. Recruiting, as with all sales, is a numbers game. Creating multiple opportunities within your store and business will result in more members for the NRA. 

You are on the front lines of freedom. Through your business, people are able to exercise and protect their Second Amendment. Thank you for all you do for the NRA and for freedom. If you know of any stores that would be great Recruiters, please encourage them to join the program. Feel free to give them my contact information or pass their information along to me. As always, I am happy to hear, learn, and help in any way I can.

NRA Recruiters

The NRA Recruiting program provides a great opportunity for NRA members to strengthen the NRA by increasing membership and earn extra money at the same time!


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