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XS Category Report: March - April 2018

People who have never joined the NRA and/or shot a gun before are seeing the need to support the NRA. As gun stores and NRA Recruiters, you are providing them an opportunity to defend and exercise their Second Amendment. We have seen stores reach out to these individuals and they have thanked them by joining. Joe Bob Outfitters sent out an e-mail blast for the sole purpose of driving membership and generated more than 80 members in one night. Buds Gun Shop created their own banner encouraging customers to join the NRA and placed it top and center of their website resulting in over 100 new members. You have the opportunity to speak with your customers face to face and also reach people online. With the community you have built, you are able to reach your customers like no one else can.

The issue of gun control is a hot topic. In this environment it is important we are steadfast in our support of the NRA and Second Amendment. Use every opportunity to recruit, whether that’s an e-mail blast like Joe Bob Outfitters, a web banner like Buds Gun Shops, or an NRA membership drive like Centennial Gun Club did at the beginning of March. All these efforts play a big role in strengthening NRA and in turn the firearms community, industry, and Second Amendment.

If you have any questions about how other stores have successfully implemented membership drives or incentive programs for employees, please do not hesitate to ask. If you are not receiving monthly updates on how all XS Recruiters are doing, please let me know. This monthly update gives great examples of how others are helping grow the NRA, and who knows maybe you will be the next store mentioned! Thank you again for your support and for standing with us as we fight for the rights of all law abiding citizens to have firearms.

NRA Recruiters

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