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NRA Instructor Recruiter of the Year: Ryan Felton

by David Helmer, January 8, 2019

Marketing Manager

Congratulations to Ryan Felton from Tallahassee, FL for being named 2018 Instructor Recruiter of the Year! In 2018, Ryan’s hard work and dedication to the NRA stood out as he was able to bring in 579 members and $28,350 in corresponding revenue.

Ryan has brought in 3,465 members since he enrolled recruiting program in 2011 and has been in the Top 10 for Instructor Recruiters every year since 2012!  In 2018, Ryan brought in the 3rd most members and the 2nd most corresponding revenue. In August, Ryan stepped up and covered 3 Bass Pro locations (in 3 different states).  He was very deliberate in training his staff and two of the stores he covered ended up #1 and #2 overall in overall sales. 

In addition to finding success recruiting at large events, Ryan also signs up members consistently at his classes.  The Recruiting Program mails out bi-monthly detailing members signed up during that period, which came to 24 statements in 2018.  Ryan received 21 statements – proving he signs up members all year long!  He also does a great job pushing his personal web link, enrolling 58 members online this year. 

When asked why he works so hard to strengthen the NRA, Ryan explained, “I founded the Felton Training Group in 2011, with the goals of promoting lawful firearm ownership, proper handgun training and firearm safety. I support the NRA for always being the number one supporter of our Second Amendment rights. Lawful firearms in the hands of properly trained individuals is a fundamental liberty that separates us as Americans from the rest of the world. The NRA understands this right and is the only organization with the power to continuously defend it regardless of our ever-changing times and circumstances.”

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