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Back to Basics: Statements and Record Keeping

September 17, 2018

It is crucial for Recruiters to manage records properly to ensure member satisfaction and that you receive the correct commissions owed.

Each commission check arrives with a corresponding statement. The statement details members you've recruited since the last statement arrived. Always cross reference your yellow copies to your statement! If a mistake has been made, it is best to catch it as quickly as possible, not only for the member, but for the Recruiter as well.

If you have a yellow copy receipt for a member who is not listed on your statement, check to see if they paid with a credit card. Look for any missing numbers (you'll only be able to see the last 4 digits) or expiration date. Incorrect credit card information will prevent a membership from processing. During your sale, always verify credit card information. Other common issues that are easily avoidable are unsigned checks, illegible handwriting, or missing address information. To help eliminate these issues, take an extra minute to double check each application before mailing it to NRA Headquarters.

It is extremely important to identify and rectify any membership issues immediately. Don't wait for an aggravated member to contact NRA, and in turn, for NRA to contact you. Ensure a positive experience for a new or renewing member by taking the time to check over each statement. If you spot an issue, contact your Marketing Representative. Their contact information is listed by region and type below.

General Inquiries

NRA Recruiting Programs
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[email protected]

Northern Region Recruiter Inquiries

Edward Zhou
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Western Region Recruiter Inquiries

John Hurwitz
[email protected]

Southern Region Recruiter Inquiries

Paul Littlefield
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Central Region Recruiter Inquiries

Colin Nash
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NRA Recruiters

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