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Arm Yourself With the Facts

July 16, 2018


Along with every election cycle comes plenty of inquiries from current and potential members about candidates and pending legislation. The ability to answer these types of questions accurately is essential when you are recruiting.

Get the facts! Go straight to the source for up to date information. Visit the NRA-ILA and NRA-PVF websites to stay informed on all of the issues. Use these sites as a reference so that you have the tools you need to accurately answer questions from potential members.

Recruiters are often approached by other NRA supporters asking them to display materials or information on their behalf. Please remember that as Recruiters, you should only display materials that have been supplied to you from NRA! Please contact the NRA Recruiting Programs Department at (800) 672-0004 or [email protected] if you are unclear about any of the materials in your display.

Don't be caught off guard. Arm yourself with the facts today. A well-informed Recruiter is a successful Recruiter!

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