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Award Winner Visits Washington DC!

September 14, 2018


It takes incredible dedication to NRA and its mission to be a successful Recruiter. Winning "Recruiter of the Year" honors can mark the pinnacle of recruiting success. To reward that dedication and commitment, selected Recruiters are invited to the NRA's September Board of Directors meeting in the Washington DC area for a weekend of activities, mingle with Board Members and NRA officers and, most importantly, receive recognition for their outstanding achievement.

Shooters World Tampa owner Bing Kearney was shocked to hear his store was not selling hundreds of memberships a year despite enrolling as Recruiters in 2012. He and General Manager Bruce Kitzis motivated their employees to increase recruiting efforts. In 2017, their hard work came to fruition. Bruce implemented a new strategy to have all team members, including cashiers, sell NRA memberships. With Bing and Bruce’s leadership, Shooters World of Tampa sold more memberships in 2017 than the last three years combined! Congratulations to the store and staff for the outstanding year and for winning Recruiter of the Year honors!


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