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Back to Basics: The Sales Process

July 11, 2018

Signing up a new NRA member is similar to selling any other good or service. Much like a sales person, you must convince the "buyer" that spending their hard earned money with you is of value to them. Following a basic sales process will result in increased membership signups and, ultimately, a stronger NRA!

  • Ask everyone to join: It's simple; every person who comes through your shop or into your class should be asked to join or renew with you. The more individuals you ask, the more will join.
  • Use open ended questions: If someone says no (it will happen) ask why not. Open a dialogue with the potential member to see if you can find out what you can offer to get them to change their mind.
  • Fill the void: There will be a reason why a potential member says 'no'. By asking an open ended question you should be able to find out why. Use the membership benefit that will fill their specific need to change their mind.
  • Close the sale: Ask them again to sign up. Once you have shown them NRA membership can offer them a benefit that is of great value to them, ask them politely to fill out the application to join.

Following a simple sales process will be the key to signing up more members in 2018 and beyond. Not everyone will say yes, but the number of folks that do will certainly rise!

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