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Back to Basics - Exploring Summer Recruiting Opportunities

May 23, 2018

Recruiters should always look for new ways to increase NRA membership numbers. The summer is a perfect time to explore these new efforts! 

  • Find Unique Events - Summer provides a number of events unique to the summer months.  County fairs, flea markets and tent sales are just a few kinds of events that could be new and fertile ground for NRA members.
  • Newsletters - Are you part of a club, association or business that sends out a periodic newsletter? Think about including an ad for NRA membership. Whether it's paper or digital, the NRA Recruiting programs department can help you put together an option to sign up members through your correspondence.
  • Sales Flyers - Does your shop or retail location put out a weekly flyer? What a perfect spot for a NRA membership ad! There are plenty of potential members who may look at your ad but never visit the store. This is a chance to sign them up despite not having the chance to meet them face-to-face.
  • Get in Free Promotion - Summer presents the perfect opportunity to talk to gun show promoters that you work with about "Get in Free". Many shows slow down substantially when the weather turns warm making the promoters more willing to try new ideas to get people in the door.  Recruiting totals have skyrocketed at almost every gun show where this has been implemented. Contact your regional Marketing Representative for more details.

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