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Back to Basics: The Associate Membership

November 21, 2013

Recruiters should always be looking for new ways to recruit members. The associate membership ($10), when used properly, can be an extremely effective way to enhance your recruiting efforts.

Whenever possible, the regular one-year membership should be sold. Full voting rights in the Association are assured and the member receives the award-winning monthly magazine, the only benefits not associated with the $10 associate. And odds are the member will be much more involved with the association; a huge benefit to NRA. So when should recruiters rely on the $10 associate membership?

Signing up a spouse: Some claim they don't need membership because their spouse is a member and already receives the magazine. Remind them that there is power in numbers and it's not just about the magazine; we need every member we can get! For only $10 they can be a card carrying member, receive most of the benefits, and still read their spouse's magazine!

They just don't have the money: Many will tell you that times are tough. They simply can't or won't spend the $25 for a regular annual membership. As a last resort, you can ask them if they can afford $10 to join the fight.

Incorporating into a sale/service: Many instructors and shop owners will include an associate membership with a class or purchase and then sell the member on upgrading to a regular one-year membership. Not only does this technique add value to their product or service, but adds another member to NRA.

When used properly the associate membership will add to your recruiting totals. It should not be relied on by any means but having a member join as an associate member is better than no membership at all!

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