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Back to Basics: Recruiting Online

May 15, 2019

The NRA Recruiting Program was designed for NRA members to sign people up on the spot. The face-to-face interaction has proven to be effective.

However, with the increase of e-mail and social media, the requests for recruiting online have skyrocketed. Adding a Recruiter link to your website or digital correspondence will generate additional memberships if done properly.

  • Your Link Must Be Visible: Make sure the viewer sees your invitation to join immediately. We always recommend displaying the link prominently on the home page of your website. Links that are difficult to navigate and are embedded in separate tabs generally do not result in membership sign ups.
  • Annotate Your Link: This is your call to action! Let them know why they should join. Highlight the savings or put a brief endorsement under your provided image.
  • Be Creative: Remember, web links for membership don't have to be limited to your website. Try putting the link in your e-mail signature. Do you have a digital newsletter for your club or business? You'll be surprised how many additional signups you receive! 

Web recruiting may not yield the same kind of results that you will get with your on-the-spot signups. However, it can be an effective supplement to your recruiting efforts.

To download a selection of NRA approved graphics to use, click here.

NRA Recruiters

The NRA Recruiting program provides a great opportunity for NRA members to strengthen the NRA by increasing membership and earn extra money at the same time!


There is no cost to enroll. Apply to become an NRA Recruiter today!