E-Cruiter June 25: Upcoming Holiday Closures

Recruiters, if you need recruiter supplies in the next few weeks, please place an order in anticipation of upcoming holiday closures. Any questions or concerns for NRA Recruiter staff should also be taken care of in advance.

NRA Headquarters will be closed in observance of Fourth of July on Friday, July 3rd. The NRA Recruiter Supplies Hotline will close July 3rd at 5 PM and remain closed July 4th. The hotline will reopen July 5th at noon.

Click the link below to order supplies online, or call the Supply Hotline at  1-866-672-4445.


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One-Year Standard Price $45 Discount Price $30
Three-Year Standard Price $100 Discount Price $85
Five-Year Standard Price $150 Discount Price $100
Life (expires 7/24/20) Standard Price $1500 Discount Price $600
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