E-Cruiter June 18: Revisit Your Goals!

We are at the halfway point for 2020 and elections are right around the corner. Despite all the challenges in the last few months, NRA Recruiters have continued to amaze us with their dedication to NRA and the Second Amendment. Keep up the momentum as we head into summer and the elections!

Now is the time to revisit goals you set at the beginning of this year.  Quarantine restrictions continue to change and vary by location, restricting many Recruiters from recruiting in person. If possible, shift your focus to recruiting online or on social media.

Custom web links can be generated by request and Recruiters will still receive commissions for each membership sold. Use your web link to advertise the $600 Life Membership special, available through July 24. Do not hesitate to contact the Recruiting Programs department for help hitting your goals. If you do not have a web link or have misplaced it, email with your request and Recruiter ID number.

Together, we can ensure that NRA is ready for the fight this November!


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