E-Cruiter August 20: Standing Guard


By now you've heard that Senator Kamala Harris is the vice presidential choice for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Their platform creates the most anti-gun presidential ticket in history. 

Read this article from NRA-ILA outlining Harris's stances on the Second Amendment in her past as District Attorney of San Francisco and as Senator. During her own campaign as a presidential candidate, Harris called for mandatory buyback programs and proposed using executive power to enact gun control.

Recruiters, remain vigilant and don't stop fighting for your Second Amendment rights! If every member signed up one family member or friend now through November 3, our numbers would double from 5 to 10 million NRA members! While signing up a new or renewing member, mention the Associate membership for an extra $10 per person.

As NRA EVP Wayne LaPierre wrote in a recent America's 1st Freedom column, "Let’s stand and fight every day—from now until Election Day—harder than the day before."

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